Premiums and/or legal provisions (EPB)

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These are the premiums and EPB (Energy performance of buildings) regulations in force since early 2019 in the Walloon, Flemish and Brussels-Capital Regions.

In Walloon Region

In Walloon Region, since 1 April 2015, the allowance for replacing exterior joinery in an existing home is: 15€/m²/max 40m² (if the household income does not exceed 93,000 €).

( in euro )
( based on income)
< 21.900 + 200%
21.900 - 31.100 + 100%
31.100 - 41.100 + 50% 

- The allowance can be increased on the basis of household income.
- The allowance does not exceed 70% of the amount of the invoice.

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Brussels-Capital Region

Since 2015 in Brussels-Capital Region, a premium is offered for the replacement of low-performance glazing with high-efficiency glazing in existing homes (new building excluded).

Premiums vary depending on income:
- Basic premium = for all types of applicants. 

- Premium if average income = or households proving that their incomes are between 30,000€ and 60,000€/year.

- Premium if low income = for households proving that their incomes are less or equal to 30,000€/year.

The premium is:
10€/m2 of glazing
basic income
15€/m2 of glazing
average income
20€/m2 of glazing
low income
The bonuses are:
+ 5 €/m² of glazing
if glazing: 0.6 W/m²K < Ug ≤ 1.0 W/m²K if existing windows: 0.6 W/m²K < Ug ≤ 1.1 W/m²K
+ 10 €/m² of glazing
if U glazing ≤ 0.6 W/m²
+ 5 /m² of glazing
if new wood frames NOT certified sustainable
+ 30 /m² of glazing
if new wood frames certified sustainable


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From your municipal administration.

Flemish Region

Here’s how much premiums have been since 2015 in Flemish Region for replacing single or double glazing with high-efficiency glazing for existing homes (= connected to the electricity grid since 1/1/2006):

- Replacement of single glazing with high-efficiency glazing with a U-value of max. 11W/m²K: 12€/m².
- Replacement of double glazing with high-efficiency glazing with a U-value of max. 0.8W/m²K: 15€/m².

In addition to these different premiums, there are various benefits such as:

- Premium for renovations for low incomes or people with disabilities
- Acoustic insulation premium in certain areas
- Premium for building renovation in the broadest sense

Not to mention different renovation credit formulas, which we can study together when buying your new windows.

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From the Flemish Region