Shutters 2 Types


Fully sealed roller shutters insulate homes and apartments from the cold, heat and noise. Installed with stiff anti-lift links, they prevent break-ins. When closed, shutters guarantee total darkness. When in an open position, they filter sunlight.

  • The mini-shutter
  • Adapts with ease.
  • No changes to the existing window.
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  • The Integrated shutter
  • Discreet and aesthetically pleasing.
  • Fixed directly above the window.
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A manual shutter can be motorised.

Useful informations

Control options:

  • Manual: Strap, cord, winch (hand crank), direct pull (ideal for entrance door).
  • Motorised.

Why should you motorise your roller shutters?

With a motor, you can forget the hassle of hand-cranking! A simple click on a button will simplify life. And thanks to a motor with integrated radio control, you can comfortably use remote control. No more need to walk all around the house: you can control all your shutters from a central point. It’s a genuinely connected home!


Benefits of motorised roller shutters:

  • Automatic limit settings: to guarantee perfect lift and closure over time.
  • Obstacle detection: automatic motor stop to protect the panel if any obstacles are in the way.
  • Frost protection: automatic motor stop if the slats are frozen.
  • Break-in resistance: the lowered shutter resists external lifting attempts. This security can be reinforced by fitting the roller shutter with stiff links (lifting resistance up to 100kg).
  • Ready for home automation in a connected house.