Security hardware

In 90% of cases, break-ins are caused by the forced opening of a window. A thief will prefer to attack the hardware than to make a loud noise by breaking a pane.


This is why Raposo originally installs security hardware on its entire range.

Raposo security hardware (security level 2)

  • Double-headed mushroom pins to prevent opening from the outside
  • Anti-corrosion tempered steel latch
  • Multi-point locking
  • Latch and security lock, even for tilt-and-turn opening

Raposo+ security hardware (security level 4)

Although the original hardware on the Raposo range is already very efficient, in some cases, it is advisable to increase the level of security.

A plus for easy-to-access ground floor windows, patio doors on balconies, and cellar windows.

Additional features of Raposo’s original security hardware:

  • Quadruple-headed mushroom pins
  • Key handle (twin advantage: security against break-in AND safety for children)
  • Double laminated glazing

Invisible hardware

 Raposo offers invisible hardware in its range on its windows made of ALU and PVC. This is fully integrated into the window. Your window has a perfect and timeless aesthetic.

Opening mechanism

Raposo offers several opening systems for ventilation and air movement.

Swing opening
This is the basic opening of a window around a vertical axis, with opening from right to left or left to right.

Tilt-and-turn opening
This involves tilting the top of your window to let air through while keeping the bottom of the window locked.

Night ventilation
Leaving the window open can sometimes cause some problems (rapid cooling, draught, etc.). Using hardware from the Raposo range, you can choose an intermediate ventilation position between the swinging position and the tilting position. Simply rotate the handle to 45 degrees to allow some airflow through the window.