It’s crucial to choose the right glazing to provide thermal insulation for your home.

The thermal insulation value (Ug) of glazing is measured in W/m²K. The smaller this value, the more insulating your glazing is. Raposo’s windows are all originally fitted with double glazing (Ug) = 1.0 W/m²K.


Did you know that with double glazing, you can save the equivalent of up to 49L of fuel per m² of glazing annually?


Calculate it yourself! For 10 m² of replaced glazing = more than 280 € in savings each year.


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If you want to further insulate your home, Raposo’s range includes triple glazing that will significantly increase your thermal insulation value (Ug) = 0.6 W/m²K.


But that’s not all…

We offer you the possibility to choose glazing with specific treatments.

Most of these treatments can easily be added.


  • Laminated glazing: This is the ultimate safety glass. The thickness and composition of the glazing vary, depending on the objective (protection against defenestration, delayed break-in, anti-bullet, etc.). By law, any window located at a height of less than 90 cm must be equipped with laminated glass.
  • Acoustic glazing: Highly insulating to noise, this is used in homes fronting the road or in industrial applications.
  • Reflective glazing: On the outside, it has a mirror effect... but from the inside, it looks almost like traditional glazing. So you can see without being seen (during the day only).
  • Solar protection glazing: This strongly protects your home from the adverse effects of the sun's rays. It’s recommended where there is high exposure to the south or for the roofs of verandas.